Improving lives through better communication

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is designed to resolve a wide range of difficulties with speech or language. Speech-language pathologists typically referred to as SLPs, work to diagnose each client’s particular area or areas of trouble. Using this diagnosis, SLPs can create a custom-tailored treatment plan to improve specific speech and language skills that are affecting the individual’s quality of life. The aim of speech therapy is to help people to communicate clearly, fully express thoughts, and comprehensively understand others.

Choosing a Speech Pathologist

One of the keys to progress through speech therapy is trust between the speech-language pathologist and the client. Our SLPs are trained to accurately diagnose the source of the client’s speech and/or language difficulty, design a customized treatment plan that tracks client progress, and improve speech and language in an efficient manner. At Progressive Rehab Solutions, we care for the individual. Our SLPs strive to achieve every client’s unique personal goals in a friendly and positive learning environment.

How Much does Speech Therapy Cost?

When speech therapy is required to improve speech and language difficulties due to a developmental condition, injury, illness, or disability, the cost is typically covered under the client’s private health plan or Medicare as a medical necessity. Since every speech therapy treatment plan is customized for the individual, there is no set price. Some clients with private health insurance or Medicare may still be responsible for a co-pay or be required to meet a deductible. Clients who could use assistance navigating the benefits of their plan may contact a member of our staff for assistance.

Key Benefits of the Service

Speech therapy can be used to address an array of speech and language disorders as well as dysphagia (difficulty swallowing). Common problems with speech and language include:

  • Pronunciation
  • Articulation
  • Slurred speech
  • Volume
  • Understanding words
  • Creating new words
  • How to construct a sentence
  • Understanding context

Speech and language disorders often originate during childhood development. However, SLPs frequently work with adults who have suffered a stroke or other brain injury in order to correct speech or language difficulties. This care can be provided within a Skilled Nursing Facility or as an outpatient service. In addition, people who speak more than one language may benefit from speech therapy.