We provide therapy services for Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Mission Statement

Through physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy, we aim to improve the daily lives of our clients. Clear communication between our specialists and clients fosters trust and achieves measurable results. We serve clients at Skilled Nursing Facilities throughout Texas and Louisiana, including the areas surrounding Dallas, Fort Worth, and New Orleans.

Occupational Therapy

Learn how to manage physical illness, injury, disability, and more. Our occupational therapists create customized treatment plans to help clients more easily accomplish a wide range of tasks. Examples include participating in leisure activities, eating, or practicing personal hygiene.

Physical Therapy

For clients who are struggling with physical limitations, discomfort, or pain, daily activities and common body movements may significantly affect their overall quality of life. Learn how our physical therapists can rehabilitate the body to achieve more fluid, comfortable movement.

Speech Therapy

Our speech-language pathologists help clients identify specific issues that obstruct communication. Learn how to manage difficulties with articulation, pronunciation, sentence construction, comprehension, and more.

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