Let Progressive Run the Therapy So You can Focus on Running the Building

Custom Solutions

“More than a contract therapy company”: While achieving the number one goal of patient care, we also place a strong emphasis on our partnership and facility needs. A therapy provider and partner will focus on patient care and maintaining optimal clinical outcomes. Our primary goal is to assure that each resident receives the highest level of quality care that they need.

Growth & Success

Progressive Rehab Solutions has a 98% success rate of overturning denials. Our success in supporting medical review is just another added value to our partners. We assist our clients with multiple aspects of reimbursement, in-depth reports, and reviews of reports, patient tracking, improvement for the facility and patients. Progressive Rehab Solutions is looking for partners, not customers. Our focus is on using all our experience from the clinical side as well as our experience on the operations side to help each facility achieve its goals. We do not grow if you do not grow.

Our team will assist with ensuring all deficits are properly identified for accurate MDS reporting. We are here to provide assistance with maintaining a mentality that fosters both profit and growth. We are committed to working with the MDS coordinator, business manager, and census development.

Custom Therapy Solutions

Whether you need contract or in-house therapy solutions our services are designed to let our partners focus on running their business while we run/administer cutting edge therapy programs designed to produce a clear return on investment for their facilities as well as provide better patient outcomes.

  • MPPR cost absorbed by Progressive
  • Monitor PRN and PTO usage
  • Overtime Management
  • Group Percentage Utilization
  • Medical Review
  • Clinical Appeals
  • Documentation Audits
  • Data Analysis
  • Therapy Productivity Implementation
  • Part B Program Management

Progressive Rehab Solutions provides professional education to meet regulatory requirements as well as clinical pathways. We also provide the tools to guide
and improve quality patient care. Progressive Rehab Solutions provides education to ensure our therapists are up-to-date on and new regulatory requirements and current treatment protocols. Constant contact with Directors of Rehab to ensure this is being used day to day.

  • Group and concurrent treatments
  • High level of patient engagement to ensure commitment to therapy
  • Daily and continuous internal audits with facility
  • Thorough screenings to ensure appropriate treatment
  • Policy and procedures in place to determine patients who will benet from physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy
  • The executive team will work with the corporate compliance/nursing team to address any and all facility needs
  • Strong focus on developing the best outcomes
  • Customized Director of Rehabilitation who will target business analytics, clinical outcomes, and regulatory compliance to capture all resident care for reimbursement