Custom Tailored to Suit the Needs of Our Patients

Occupational Therapy

Progressive Rehab Solutions Occupational Therapy programs are designed with each individual patient’s needs in mind. Custom-tailored programs ensure the greatest level of success for your partners.

What Is Occupational Therapy?

When people have difficulty completing common tasks or participating in everyday activities, an occupational therapist can develop customized methods of facilitating success in these areas of life. These difficulties may arise from physical illness, injury, disability, emotional problems, or mental illness. In the field of occupational therapy, the precise definition of “occupation” will vary from client to client. Clients may need assistance with occupations such as eating, maintaining self-care, playing sports, or participating in leisure activities. An occupation may also literally refer to a client’s job. Occupational therapists are trained to work with clients of all ages.

How do I choose the best Occupational Therapist?

To achieve the highest level of success, an occupational therapist should foster a sense of confidence and trust with the client. At Progressive Rehab Solutions, we believe open and honest communication is essential for overcoming the limitations of the client’s distinctive occupations with efficiency and ease. Our occupational therapists have trained to custom-tailor all treatment plans to the individual, adapting to each client’s unique physical abilities and learning methods. We remain goal-oriented to tangibly improve our client’s overall quality of life.

Occupational therapy maintains a holistic perspective to ensure clients can engage with their daily lives in ways that are productive and meaningful. An occupational therapist may analyze the client’s daily environments (such as the home, school, or work) in order to devise ways in which those environments could be adapted to the client’s unique needs. By discovering the source of any limitations experienced by the client, these limitations can be directly addressed and resolved. Occupational therapy sessions may be conducted as an outpatient service or provided within a Skilled Nursing Facility. Customized treatment plans can be developed that allow the client to successfully navigate their daily life with comfort and happiness.

Occupational therapists customize each treatment plan to meet the client’s unique needs. As a result, there is no fixed price for occupational therapy services. When occupational therapy is considered a medical necessity, the cost is usually covered by the client’s health insurance provider or Medicare. In these cases, clients may need a referral from a primary care doctor before occupational therapy can begin. Clients may still be required to cover the cost of a co-pay or meet a plan deductible. Our staff can help clients navigate the benefits of their personal health plan to better determine their out-of-pocket costs.