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Magnolia in Remembrance- Anna Lavespere

Just as quickly as time comes, it goes away just as fast. Often we lose sight of the here and now, until unexpectedly we receive the reminder that our time here on Earth is limited. The bell of time rang true when one of our own, Miss Anna Lavespere, was sadly taken due to a battle with cancer. Anna was an Occupational Therapist by day and an incredible artist by night who had a heart for helping others.

While Anna mainly kept to herself, she left a huge impact on our company. In fact, CEO Tiffany Stevens said it best stating, “The therapy world does not have many therapists like Anna around anymore. She loved her work and all of her patients. She will be remembered as a wonderful OT, co-worker, and patient advocate”. Anna had a way with her patients that was profound. Whether it be working above and beyond her asked duties, or staying when weather strikes and patients need to be moved to safer areas. No matter the situation, Anna was there to help.

One of Anna’s co-workers said, “as a person Anna was caring, sweet, and thoughtful. As a co-worker she was talented, a patient advocate, and a teacher to anyone that was willing to learn”. Another talent Anna possessed was that of an artist. Anna enjoyed time outside of work painting and drawing pictures. One friend said, “It’s quite humbling to know how talented she was”. It’s no surprise that Anna carried more than just the talent of being a good OT, she also was an underground Picasso.

While her art will forever be a legacy that she leaves behind, Progressive Rehab also wanted to contribute to that legacy. Thus, we will be planting a magnolia tree outside the facility where she worked. Anna will be missed by many and it is our hope that this tree sparks encouragement from others to be more like Anna; passionate, a patient advocate, and artistic in their own way.

May we also never forget how precious our time on this planet is and may all lead a life full of love and happiness. Don’t let time pass by without smelling the roses, or in this case, the magnolia tree.

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What Can Physical Therapy Do For Me?

Our clients come to us for a wide variety of reasons. There is no “standard” physical therapy client, and our experienced healthcare professionals blend many different techniques to help you realize your goals. Some common reasons people seek out physical therapy include:

  • Sports-related injury
  • Recovery after a slip or fall
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Arthritis management
  • Pain relief
  • Expand range of motion
  • Recovery after stroke
  • Learn how to use a cane or walker

For more information about our physical therapy services read more here.

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How to Choose The Best Speech Pathologist

One of the keys to progress through speech therapy is trust between the speech-language pathologist and the client. Our SLPs are trained to accurately diagnose the source of the client’s speech and/or language difficulty, design a customized treatment plan that tracks client progress, and improve speech and language in an efficient manner. At Progressive Rehab Solutions, we care for the individual. Our SPLs strive to achieve every client’s unique personal goals in a friendly and positive learning environment.

Speech and language disorders often originate during childhood development. However, SLPs frequently work adults who have suffered a stroke or other brain injury in order to correct speech or language difficulties. This care can be provided within a Skilled Nursing Facility or as an outpatient service. In addition, people who speak more than one language may benefit from speech therapy.

Learn more about our Speech Therapy Program here.